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Imogen Tickets

Globe Theatre, London, SE1 9DT
5 out of 5, based on 4 ratings and 4 reviews.
  • Imogen is an achingly beautiful story of lovers and families being re-united after violent and harrowing separation, and a tale for our times vividly told in this brutally modern production.
    Imogen, daughter of Cymbeline, enrages her father by marrying against his will. Lies are then told about Imogen to her husband, Posthumous, and he decides she should die.
    In an urban world that is as strange, erotic and violent as Shakespeare’s ancient Britain, Imogen is forced to re-imagine herself as she fights for the life she deserves and not the one that is being determined for her.
    Matthew Dunster is Associate Director at Shakespeare’s Globe. His previous Globe productions include The Frontline (2008 and 2009), Troilus and Cressida (2009), Doctor Faustus (2011) and The Lightning Child (2013).
    At Shakespeare's Globe Theatre from 17 September to 16 October 2016, book your Imogen tickets today!
    *PLEASE NOTE: Employing modern costumes and staging, this show contains everything you could possibly need to be warned against!
    - STRONG LANGUAGE including: Loud music and explicit lyrics
    - DRUGS including: Marijuana smoking and cocaine snorting
    - VIOLENCE including: Gun fights, blood and torture
    - NUDITY including: Sexiness and a bit of nudity
    - SPECIAL EFFECTS including: Strobe lighting, theatrical smoke and the possibility of being splattered
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  • Globe Theatre

    21 New Globe Walk,
    SE1 9DT

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    4 stars
    'A taut, intelligent reimagining of Cymbeline'


    4 stars
    'This disquieting urban reboot of Shakespeare's Cymbeline is firmly in 2016'